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A Brexit-Proof Recruitment Solution

Temporary Recruitment - A Brexit-Proof Recruitment Solution

Leigh Gillatt  •  Recruitment Articles

A Brexit-Proof Recruitment Solution

Availability of labour – or the lack thereof – is shaping up to be the biggest recruitment challenge of 2019, as competition for staff heats up across all sectors in an economy where employment is at an all time high.

Add to this the unknown final impact of Brexit on the free movement of labour from the European Union (EU), and you have the perfect storm for an even more challenging recruitment market for the rest of this year and into the next.

Current Permanent Recruitment Trend

The direction of the economy plus uncertainty around Brexit are certainly creating slower growth in permanent recruitment and this will remain for several few months, even after the dust settles with Brexit, as employers take a wait-and-see approach.

So the question is:

"What other options do employers have, and how are they going to cope with natural peaks and troughs in their business' output?"

Temporary Recruitment Offering A Solution?

In contrast, temporary recruitment is massively on the up as businesses seek to meet increasing demand, cover shortfalls in staffing due to EU nationals heading back to native countries, and to allow them to operate a ‘business as usual approach’ as best as they can.

Fuelled predominately by the solution of temporary recruitment allowing businesses to retain the ability to react quickly to any threats Brexit may pose just around the corner.

So why does Temporary Recruitment Offer a Brexit-Proof Solution?

Temporary recruitment offers a genuine business solution and can work exceptionally well, many businesses have already learned that there are advantages in the areas of cost, flexibility, performance and management, to utilising temporary employees.

Cost Reduction Advantages

  • Employment administration costs.
  • Temporary workers are by definition a temporary solution and do not require a fixed annual salary or some of the costs associated with a permanent employee.
  • Shorter hiring process - The process for hiring temporary workers is traditionally a lot quicker. This is because you should be hiring for technical skills to deliver something specific rather than long-term cultural fit.
  • Possible reduction in training and development costs – hire those that have the skills already.
  • Pay for staff on an adhoc basis to suit own business’ fluctuating requirements.


  • Beef up or cut back on your staffing levels dependant on demand.
  • Contractor hiring process significantly faster the permanent hiring
  • Easy to terminate or extend temp worker’s services

Performance & Fit

  • You can try before you buy in that if performance is not satisfactory you can take remedial action quickly
  • You can evaluate a temp worker’s performance and team/cultural fit with very little risk
  • You have an opportunity to evaluate the Temporary Worker against a permanent role if applicable


Read our guide on HOW TO USE A TEMPORARY RECRUITMENT AGENCY to learn more.

Can’t I just put off recruitment until after Brexit?

As rumours of a no-deal Brexit continue to rumble on, two immediate sectors that come to mind with potential issues post-Brexit are the hospitality sector, estimated by KPMG to have a shortfall of at least 60,000 workers per annum from 2019 , and the haulage sector, where a recent RHA report stated that haulage firms in the UK need to train 45,000 new HGV drivers due to increasing shortfalls.

So while it’s tempting to be cautious, the market could get even more challenging post-Brexit, and so with that in mind,

"we’d advise employers to recruitment staffing requirements as soon as possible".

Temporary to Permanent

Despite substantial negative press in recent times surrounding temporary work and zero hour’ contracts, flexible employment has many benefits.

Augmenting a work/life balance and being able to fit work around personal commitments is one of the primary benefits workers are finding with temping. As is the prospect that temporary work can lead to something more permanent, enabling both employers and candidates to 'test the water' of a particular role before committing to a permanent position.

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