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A Working Partnership

Helping Young Individuals Not in Employment, Education or Training

Leigh Gillatt  •  Recruitment Articles

A Working Partnership

As part of Diverse Employment's sustainability strategy, Managing Director, Lindsay Macpherson, today embarked on a working partnership with non-profit organisation CatZero .

CatZero is a unique, not-for-profit organisation which has expert staff delivering projects designed to encourage, motivate and educate young people who have gone through difficult times, lacking confidence or have no qualifications, resulting in them not being in employment, education or training ( also know as NEETs); inspiring them and preparing them for employment.

CatZero see being NEET as just a title given to young people and it is often an indicator of other underlying issues, or as CatZero likes to call them, challenges.

As part of Diverse Employment's working partnership with CatZero, we will be establishing ways in which as an Employment and Training Provider the company will help these individuals build their personal development, making them job ready, and ultimately securing employment.

A BBC Breakfast News report on CatZero

The programmes run by CatZero take young people outside their comfort zone to complete a number of tasks. These include training sessions, introduction to employment and education opportunities, links to local community groups, all leading to a sailing challenge on board a 72ft challenge-racing yacht as a full crew member. This enables each young person to demonstrate their ability to work alongside local business and community leaders as equals.

Managing Director Lindsay Macpherson, pictured below, was invited on to the Yacht today and said, "This is an amazing opportunity to work with this fantastic charity to help people progress and improve their lives."

CatZero Yacht
Lindsay aboard the CatZero

The Humber area has up to two times the national average of young people not in education, employment or training (NEET). Diverse Employment's recruitment agency Hull branch, are excited to be working in partnership with CatZero and will be offering employment support, speaking to the groups of individuals who are on the programme, assisting with workshops and issuing time where possible to help lower the number of NEETs in the Humber region.

Further announcements will be made on Diverse Employment's involvement with CatZero over the coming months as this working partnership is fully established.

If you'd like to learn more about CatZero or Diverse Employment feel free to Contact Us.