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Is Your Boss About To “BREXIT” Your Company?

5 Signs Your Boss Is Leaving

Leigh Gillatt  •  Careers Advice

Is Your Boss About To “BREXIT” Your Company?


Is your boss about to uproot and move on? Are there any tell-tale signs?

With the possibility of the UK finally departing the EU at the end October, possibly via a ‘No Deal BREXIT’, it only seems fitting to explore questions around the theme of “leaving”.

When people begin to suspect their boss might be about jump ship, it can for some, create a very stressful time. If you have a bad relationship with your boss, it might also be a relief on one level.

However, it’s always worth remembering that your job is linked to theirs to a considerable degree - for the better or for the worse.

Unless they’ve actually explicitly said that they’re going, you’re going to have to make an educated guess. Even then, it’s probably best to make discreet preparations and keep your cards close to your chest, in case you turn out to be wrong.

With that in mind, here are 5 signs your boss is about to leave:

  1. Your boss is suddenly taking more time off
  2. Your boss recently missed out on a promotion
  3. Your boss’ appearance has changed
  4. Your Boss has disengaged with staff and stop mentoring you
  5. Your boss is more actively building their LinkedIn profile

Let’s dive into each of these signs in more detail…

1. Your Boss Is Suddenly Taking More Time Off

Is your boss normally the kind of person who never takes lunch? Do they hardly ever take a sick day? If they suddenly start taking lots of Paid Time Off (PTO) or holiday time, then it might indicate an intention to resign.

Often, people in this situation will use the extra, personal time to job-hunt out of the watchful eyes of the company. They might also be feeding a desire to take all of their owed holiday before their leaving date.

You may have also noticed that your boss seem more laid back than they used to. Your boss was that results orientated manager who used to run a tight ship, setting clear deadlines and expectations, making sure they were met by the team.

But now you’ve realised their attitude towards work seems to have become less focused on success.

2. Your Boss Recently Missed Out On A Promotion

Missed Out On A Promotion

Was your boss on course to climb the ladder, only to have someone else take the opportunity instead? Does everyone in the office talk about how your boss is the one who really should have got it?

It can be very difficult for managers/bosses not to feel wronged in this situation, giving them a strong desire to look for opportunities outside the company.

A good sign that this type of situation has had this effect on your boss is when they start delegating more of their work to the team.

On the one had this can be a sign that they feel you’re ready to take on the extra responsibility and are allowing you to grow in your own role, which is great news. However, if your boss is suddenly delegating more to the entire team at once, it is more likely that they are getting ready to leave their job.

3. Your Boss’ Appearance Has Changed

If your boss is suddenly dressing down when their appearance is usually immaculate, then that can be a sign that he has given up on the job. It might also simply be that they no longer care about how they look, so again, exercise judgement in light of other changes in their behaviour.

On the other hand another possibility is that your boss - who usually dresses informally to work - suddenly starts coming to work dressed in smart clothes.

Of course, it might just mean they’re looking to make a better impression at work and progress their career within the company. Then again, it might mean they’re going to job interviews.

4. Your Boss Has Disengaged With Staff And Stop Mentoring You

Throughout most of your time in the job, your boss was interested in mentoring you, getting involved with extra-office activities, or being on the social committee.

Regular meetings are crucial to any manager leading a team. This is their chance to provide constructive feedback, discuss objectives, and on the whole, ensure everybody is performing to their full potential. This is in their interest as well as yours, as you are a reflection of them.

However, suddenly they’ve announced these sessions have to stop or be reduced drastically, and you can’t think of any particularly good reason as to why this may be. This could be because they’re trying to disentangle themselves from the company in preparation to leave.

5. Your Boss Is More Actively Building Their Linkedin Profile

All Star LinkedIn Profile

Have you started to notice your boss “getting their name out there” a little more than before? By this I mean, they keep cropping up on your LinkedIn news feed, having updated another section of their profile; and by this I don’t mean posting an update.

I mean they’re making an obvious and clear effort to craft and obtain an ‘All Star’ LinkedIn profile.

Maybe they are suddenly offering to attend as a guest speaker at more morning Networking meetings, perhaps they have unusually started writing articles on LinkedIn; undoubtedly to further enhance their personal brand, or maybe you’ve noticed that they’ve suddenly started using their profile to connect with a lot of recruiters .

Don’t get me wrong, these are all practices of a good leader, and should certainly be encouraged. I frequently write blog posts here on the Diverse Employment website and also post articles on LinkedIn, along with other guest posting elsewhere, and likewise add achievements to my portfolio as I go along, all in the name of maintaining my personal brand.

However, if this behaviour is out of character for your boss and is happening in conjunction with the signs listed above, then this could mean that they are taking these steps to get noticed by a recruiter ~ after all these are traits we look out for when headhunting 😉.

As I have explained throughout this article, these noticeable behaviours on their own don’t necessarily indicate that your boss is intending on resigning. However, a combination of more than one could perhaps signal that your boss is indeed planning to “BREXIT” your company.

If this turns out to be the case, carefully consider what this means for you. Will your role change for better or for the worse?

Or could it in fact signify an opportunity for you to fill their shoes once they’ve left, allowing you to progress in your own career, and potentially financially also!

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