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Reasons Why You Can't Find Good Employees

Why your job descriptions indicate you need the help of a recruiter

Leigh Gillatt  •  Recruitment Articles

Reasons Why You Can't Find Good Employees


Companies may be in a recruiting phase (or at the very least, have ongoing available positions listed on their company websites), but what types of jobs do Diverse Employment see them attempting to fill?

I often see companies attempting to fill positions within their organisations that are not likely or are almost impossible to fill, especially in the current market where employment is at an all time high.

They’re simply trying to fill jobs (based on the job descriptions they list) that are completely unique to their very own organisation and would struggle to replicate elsewhere.

Surely utilising social media and posting on job boards is enough to reach the people you want and watch the applications roll in? Hmmm, perhaps. You might fill a few positions like that, but we think recruiters add value in ways you may not have considered. Here's why...

Unfortunately, this issue employers and businesses create for themselves is a direct by-product of the post-recession years, compounded with the issue of uncertainty around Brexit, which has resulted in staffing reductions, layoffs and organisational downsizing.

As a result, companies have transferred the responsibilities of those they’ve let go to other existing employees within their workforce. This then complicates their roles and results in changes in their overall job description.

It's not until these employees chose to leave, and companies are trying to find somebody to fill a very unique role, that the problem then manifests itself.

A classic example I've seen several times is where a company advertises an mechanical engineer vacancy, but within the job description include duties you'd expect to see a Electrician perform.

There just doesn’t exist a template that’s allowed companies to be able to compensate for this issue and successfully recruit ideal candidates to fill those unique job description roles.

In situations like this, it really is in the best interest of companies to turn to the skills and multi-sector knowledge of a recruitment consultant; someone that is going to be open and honest about the job description for the role you're trying to fill and offer recruitment services and solutions to the issue they’re presented with.

Skilled recruitment consultants, such as those you would be introduced to here at Diverse Employment, offer companies the chance to gain the services of someone who knows a lot about talent acquisition.

A person that can help the organisation clearly understand what they must do to gain the talent they require to fill the role, and then to follow the processes to make it happen. This will more often than not, result in the need to re-write the job description.

Although re-writing the job description may not be the most popular choice for many hiring managers in fear of not covering all the requirements of the role in question, they should stop and ask themselves,

how long has the role been unfilled? Why aren’t we attracting candidates? Why are the candidates applying for the role all unsuitable?

In order to successfully recruit for the role, our consultants would then re-write the job description, asking the hiring managers a series of questions, starting with, ‘What’s the most crucial requirement?’

The original job description is then re-written based on what they deem as crucial requirements, along with redefining the responsibilities of the role so that they’re based on what it absolutely needed to maintain smooth operations within the role, but with the opportunity for future training of the successful candidate or redistribution of tasks within the organisation, to cover the responsibilities that are deem less crucial.

Have you got a job vacancy, but you still can’t find the perfect candidate?

Knowing how vital it is to their business that essential roles are filled in as little time as possible, more and more companies have started outsourcing their hiring duties to Diverse Employment as their trusted recruitment partner.

This has proven to be of great benefit to them, not just in easing their workloads, and filling otherwise hard to fill and complicated roles, but in the financial savings its made to their businesses from:
a) A reduced staff turnover point of view thanks to better hires,
but also
b) Reduced recruiting process costs that using a recruitment service represents.

Many of them have even written great client testimonials about their experiences using our services which are freely available to anyone to read.

Feel You Need Help With Your Recruitment?

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