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Create A CV Free Online

Diverse Employment have created this easy to use free online CV Maker - easiCV. Simply fill in as much of the CV template form as possible with your details, and then when you have checked through what you have entered and are happy with all the information, click on the 'Create' button.

You do not need to be registered to use the CV creator. It’s fast (saves you time), effective (transparent and legible) and free of charge (costs you nothing!).

Your CV will instantly be created for you as a PDF file for you to then save. You can then use this cv to apply for jobs on this site, such as one of our Engineering Jobs, or you can even Upload Your CV to register with us.

Prefer to write a CV Offline?

If you'd prefer to write a CV offline, then we've got a free ready to use CV template just for you.

If you have any problems filling in your details please Contact Our Head Office on 01724 846906 for additional help.


Please fill in the CV fields below before Creating Your CV.

Personal Details

Information about your personal qualities, skills, how you work and what makes you employable.

Key Skills

A list of achievements and key skills relevant to the desired jobs.

Employment History

Please list your work history including, Dates (from & to), Company, Job Title & Responsibilities.


Please list all your Dates (from & to), Qualifications and Places Of Study i.e. School, Colleges.


Please list work/ personal acquaintances, who could validate any of the above information.