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CV Templates


Free CV Templates, Examples & Tips

Writing your CV from scratch is never easy, our free CV templates and CV examples and tips will help you create a professional looking CV fast. Whether you’re a school or college leaver, a uni grad, returning to work after mat leave or redundancy, or you want to tailor your CV to a specific career choice, we have the right CV template for you.

Our years of experience reading and dealing with CVs, have enabled us to know exactly which work the best for securing a job, what employers are looking for, and what will get you noticed in high applicant roles.

Everything you need to get the job you deserve.


What CV Templates Are Available On The Diverse Employment Website?

There are a growing number of great CV templates on the Diverse Employment website, that are continually being added to and covering a wide range of job types and sectors. So whether you’re looking for an admin CV template, a CV template for a delivery driver job, or a CV template for part-time work, Diverse have got you covered.

How Can Our Templates Help With Your CV?

CV templates are great piece if information particularly if you’re writing your CV from scratch providing a good source of inspiration – equally they’re great if you’re just looking to spruce up your existing CV. To help your CV stand out, try using our own free CV template.

What Should The Format Of My CV Be Like?

Your CV is the first thing an employer will see when you apply for their job vacancy, and in most cases, how it looks at first glance will determine if the employer decides to read it in more detail or not.

To give yourself the best possible chance of standing our from the crowd and enticing the employer into read your CV in more detail, the format of your CV should be as follows:

  • 1. CV Length

    Keep it brief and easily read by using clear spacing and bullet points. – two sides of A4 will almost always suffice.

  • 2. Font Choice and Font Size

    Choose something professional, clear and easy to read such Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman with font size between 10 to 12, although your name and the section headings can be a little larger (size 14 or 16) and/or bolded.
    Whichever you choose, avoid fonts like brush script or cooper black, that will make you CV look more like its fit for a comic or magazine rather than a job application.

  • 3. Clear & Chronological Lay out

    The layout of your CV should be in a logical order, with sufficient spacing and clear section headings.
    Where you are listing items that include dates, for example work and educational history, make sure you lay these out in chronological order; starting with the most recent items first in the list.

  • 4. Spelling & Grammar

    Check your grammar and spelling thoroughly... and then check it again!

Create A CV Online

Would you prefer to create a CV online? Why not use our free online CV creator, developed by our IT team called easiCV. Just click below to begin building your CV now.

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