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Welder Jobs

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Welders / Fabricators

Ref No: 9306a

  • Job Salary 13.50 / Hour
  • Job Location Scunthorpe

Diverse Employment

Our client are looking to recruit WELDERS / FABRICATORS (MIG & TIG) to work at their purpose built in facility in SCUNTHORPE...

Welders (MIG/TIG)

Ref No: 3732s

  • Job Salary 11.26 - 22.52 / Hour
  • Job Location Scunthorpe

Diverse Employment

Our global leading client are looking for MIG & TIG Welders to work at their purpose built facility in Lincolnshire. This is a large reputable company, renowned as innovators in...


Ref No: 3732

  • Job Salary 11.26 - 22.52 / Hour
  • Job Location Gainsborough

Diverse Employment

Our well established client is seeking experienced MIG & TIG Welders to work in GAINSBOROUGH, Lincolnshire. The company is a large reputable company, offering great career...

Welder Jobs

Where Can I Find Welder Jobs Near Me ?

Are you looking for Welding Jobs? As a Engineering Recruitment Agency, Diverse Employment specialises in the recruitment of permanent and temporary staff for a wider range of Welding jobs

Our engineering recruitment department is a market leader for welder jobs in the UK, covering industries including steel making, rail, automotive and aerospace. Our clients include major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), automotive component manufacturers, steelworks, re-fit and maintenance yards and consultancies. We are able to offer opportunities to welders from any industry.

Working with metal is both exciting and empowering. As the sparks fly and the heat turns up, welders are able to transform some of the world’s strongest materials into the shapes and products designers envision. This skill requires work and practice to acquire, and as such it is highly sought after by employers within many sectors.

Whichever welding type you prefer, MIG, TIG, Arc; with a regular supply of new full and part-time Welder jobs, such as welding jobs in Gainsborough for example, Diverse Employment are certainly your number one option when you're looking to answer the question; "Where Can I Find Welder Jobs Near Me?".

What Types Of Welding Are There?

Here are four types of welding commonly used:

  1. Stick Welding or Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
  2. Metal Inert Gas (MIG)
  3. Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)
  4. Tungsten Inert Gas Welding (TIG)

What Is The Average Welder Salary In Yorkshire and the Humber?

The average Welder salary in Yorkshire and the Humber is approximately
£24,500 per year.

Please note that all salary figures are approximations based upon third party submissions to Diverse Employment

What Do Welders Typically Do?

Welding is a method of permanently joining two or more metal parts. Welding involves applying heat to metal pieces which melts and fuses them, creating a strong bond upon cooling. Welders use many different welding methods for specific purposes including maintenance and repair.

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