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Farm Jobs

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Farm Jobs

Where Can I Find Farm Jobs Near Me ?

Are looking for Farm Jobs? Our qualified consultants are specialists in the Agriculture jobs sector, recruiting for temporary and permanent farming job opportunities.

Anyone that is involved in this line of work forms the backbone of what is the UK's Agricultural industry, playing an important role whether they are involved in crop cultivation or livestock, ensuring the industry's success.

From Herdsman jobs, Tractor Driver vacancies, Seasonal Harvesting roles, through to Farm Manager jobs in Scunthorpe - we're confident our recruitment consultant team, can connect you with the right farm job near you.

Which Farming Jobs Are In Demand?

Here are four farm jobs currently in demand:

  1. Combine Harvester Drivers
  2. Stockmen
  3. Farm Management Staff
  4. Crop Technician

What Is The Average Farm Worker Salary?

The average Farm Worker salary in Yorkshire and the Humber is approximately
£8.91 per hour.

Please note that all salary figures are approximations based upon third party submissions to Diverse Employment

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