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Fed Up With Brexit

Will We - Won't We ?!

Leigh Gillatt  •  Recruitment Articles

Fed Up With Brexit

Bored with Brexit? Bothered and bewildered by it all?

Within the employment and recruitment industry there are many things that can affect a business’ likelihood of taking on new or extra staff at any give time – For example a major contributor has always been the time of year, but as funny as it sounds, the weather also (we’re being serious!). But the current political instability seems to be making multiple businesses more nervous than usual when it comes to taking on new staff.

But contrary to this belief, now is actually a great time to recruit….?

Is now a good time to recruit ?

Temporary staffing solutions

Perhaps you’re sat patiently waiting, holding your breath to see what March 29th and beyond will bring, whether article 50 is extended or not. But here at Diverse Employment in Scunthorpe, we’re confident in assuming your business hasn’t stopped running whilst all this has been going on.

If you’re planning to expand your team but want to wait until the dust settles, the ideal solution would be to consider taking on a temporary staff.

Not only can a temporary member of staff cover any short term peaks in your workload or cover potential downtime in production, for example due to staff illness or holidays, they are usually, upon completing our paperwork, ready to start the following day… if not the same day in many cases!

And if you’re in a position to take on a permanent staff member a few months down the line, you’ve already got someone, you’ve been able to trial, train up, and is already in your business raring to go!

Not used a used temporary recruitment agency services before? Read our guide on all you need to know.

Get Ahead of the Crowds

During several service meetings with our clients over the last few weeks there has been a definite theme emerging... changes and movement are starting to occur!

A combination of Spring, the end of the tax year and (with any luck) some clarity around Brexit is opening the doors for lots of fresh recruitment opportunities and requirements.

Although unemployment levels are slightly up from previous months, candidates are still in fairly short supply, and certainly for the more skilled & professional roles, so now is the time to start the recruitment process so that you don’t get left struggling to source candidates when it starts to really matter, and when it could potential be detrimental to your business’ growth.

Do you really want to let your competitors snap up the best candidates before you get the chance to?

Should I employ new staff now?

As much as the whole Brexit situation is ruling the headlines now; heck we’re here writing a blog post on its effects, people still need jobs and companies still need to function on a daily basis.

We’ve registered some fantastic candidates over the past few weeks, from experienced Engineers and IT professionals to people with skills in Accounts, Business Administration, Sales, Warehousing and more!

So if you are considering bringing in some new faces but are still a little unsure, why not consider using the safety net of taking on temporary staff… contact one of our branches to find out more about who we are, what we do and how we can help!