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Tips For Your First Day Of A New Job

7 Ways You Should Act

Leigh Gillatt  •  Careers Advice

Tips For Your First Day Of A New Job

Tips for Success on Your First Day at a New Job

It’s no secret that your first day at a new job can be nerve-wracking. You’re probably thinking of everything that could possibly go wrong to make your first day your last day. Here are some helpful tips on how to tackle that important and fear-inducing first day.

Tips For Your First Day Of A New Job

1. Dress The Part

If you don’t already know the dress code, get in touch with your new employer. You don’t want to turn up in shorts and flip-flops when everyone is wearing a suit and vice versa.

2. Ask Questions

No doubt you asked a few questions in your interview but they don’t end there. Now you have the job, keep asking questions. Whether it’s getting the bearings of your new workplace, or asking for help when you’re stuck. It shows that you’re eager to expand your knowledge.

3. Show Up Early

Being early on your first day is so important. It’s better to be ten minutes early and having to wait to meet your new boss, than turning up ten minutes late, looking flustered and having to explain to your new boss why you weren’t on time.

4. Relax

Be well rested. Be mentally prepared and most importantly, be yourself.

5. Be Confident

Even if it starts off as painful small talk, get to know the people around you. They are your co-workers now.

6. Take Notes

Bring a notepad and pencil case with you and take notes. Whether it’s something you’re shown how to do, or any other important information you may need to jot some things down. It could be really helpful in the long run.

7. Be Prepared

This could mean getting a notebook to keep track of the new things you’re learning on the job, a diary to keep track of meetings and/or appointments, or even having a tidy desk. A tidy workspace equals a tidy mind. Bring some snacks or sweets with you. They’ll provide little bursts of energy if you get hungry and lunchtime is a few hours away. Also, you can use them as a handy opening when talking to a colleague you’re yet to interact with.

What To Bring On Your First Day Of Work


A portion of your first day will probably involve some form of site induction or orientation process that may include some time spent filling in a few necessary forms to get you into the company system so you can be paid etc. You may not need all of these, but you should aim to have:

  • An official form of identification such as a passport or UK driving licence
  • National Insurance number either by way of your NINO card or a previous employment payslip.
  • Proof of current address (eg. a utility bill should suffice)
  • Current P45 if this has been provided by your commencement date.

If you don't have these to hand, don't spend too long searching high and low for them as you can always bring them in at a later date.

As a handy tip read through your offer of employment letter to make sure your new employer hasn't asked you to bring something along with you on your first day something. If not then it could still be worth emailing them a couple of days before you start, just to check.


The chances are that your new employer will give you everything you need to do your job, but it doesn't harm being prepared just in case. You should at least bring along with you:

  • A pen (or two)
  • and... A notepad

A light, smart folder or conference folder is also a handy thing to have with you dependent upon the role you've gained. It's pretty likely you'll be given some important information to read through in your own time and possibly even a copy of your contract of employment, so rather than just shoving it in your bag, putting it neatly into a folder will mark you out as someone who likes to be organised and that looks after important things.

The 'Must-Haves'

Don't forget your wallet and some money. Occasionally we've know employers treat new employees to lunch on their first day, but that isn't something that should be expected. You might also be invited for a drink at the end of the working day to welcome you to the team, and if you cab currently afford to it would be nice to offer to get in the first round.

Yes we all have one, and we all look at them multiple times a day but although you should have your mobile phone with you on your first day at a new job, it should certainly be kept switched off or at least on silent for the duration of the day so that you can concentrate on learning the rope of your new job, rather than on a text from your best mate wishing you good luck.