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Fixed Fee Recruiters - 'Job Boards Resellers'

The False Economy Of Fixed Fee Recruitment Models

Leigh Gillatt  •  Recruitment Articles

Fixed Fee Recruiters - 'Job Boards Resellers'

The recruitment industry has changed dramatically over the last 5 years and Flat Fee or Fixed Fee Recruitment business models have become increasingly popular with certain small, limited resources, recruitment agencies. This recruitment model offers the pretence of a low cost, effective recruitment solution, giving the hiring company complete control over recruiting decisions, however, the truth is that its anything but!

The majority of today’s job seekers search for new roles via online job boards and social media platforms such as LinkedIn. Recruiters tend to purchase large quantities of job posting credits and/or CV database access from many of these job boards. With costs usually lower than for single postings due to the volume and type of credits being purchased. Credits are then allocated to their clients so that they can attract candidates to their vacancies.

Fixed fee recruitment can take various forms but essentially what it means is you will pay a fixed fee to a recruitment agency and they will perform various tasks to assist you with recruitment. If the fee is very low, it might be the case that they will advertise your vacancy and forward you the responses. Essentially A Reseller! Yes, simply a low cost fixed fee recruitment agency will just be selling you job boards advertising / CV database credits... Bargain! đŸ¤”

There are, of course, some that for a slightly higher fee, might review the applications and only send you the stronger ones. And for a slightly higher fee again, they may discuss the vacancy with suitable candidates and perform a fairly basic recruitment service... but this isn't the norm for fixed fee recruitment consultancies, nor is it an effective recruitment solution.

There are multiple reasons as to why its not an effective recruitment solution, but the most apparent is that unfortunately, it still won't guarantee that you will find the right person for your role. Due to record employment levels, the majority of the top talent isn't even looking for a new role, and certainly not looking on the job boards where flat fee agencies are hoping to net candidates for your roles. Instead a more traditional recruitment service should be used, one which employs years of experience, head hunting methodology, and an existing strong talent pool of maintained communications between recruiter and potential candidates, to source employers the right employees.

To be blunt about it, Fixed fee recruitment offers a false economy – yes there’s a chance that the outcome will be that you will recruit someone for your team, but nothing to ensure that they are the right person with the right skills that will stick around for the duration. And what happens then? You replace them, pay another flat fee, offer the job to another unexceptional candidate… and the cycle continues!

8 Reasons why Diverse Employment's service model delivers a better experience and ROI over Fixed Fee Recruitment services

  1. We headhunt candidates (not all candidates are actively looking for roles)
  2. We don't do upfront charges (we're here to fill your role, not sell / resell you job adverts)
  3. We provide a traditional recruitment service approach driven solely by our level of service; managing the entire recruitment process covering everything from candidate management, candidate preliminary interviewing / screening, interview scheduling and candidate feedback (majority of fixed fee services simply send you CVs)
  4. We deliver a personal service offering best practice, salary bench-marking and advice on employment legislation compliance aligned with the standards set by the REC (you don't get this with a service that simply advertises your job)
  5. We review every candidate to assess their suitability; there's no automated AI / computer screening performed by our experienced consultants - anyone can write an amazing CV but only a consultant can ask the right questions to ascertain the validity of what has been written, a computer simply can't perform this task meaning the task will be down to you and your time.
  6. We deliver a first class candidate experience like any good agency should.
  7. Our service runs until your job has been filled (fixed fee agencies simply sell you a campaign - perhaps lasting anything between 7 to 30 days - after that ?!? )
  8. If your chosen candidate accepts your offer and then backs-out, or commences employment and walks-out, we'll help you to rehire at no additional cost (you'll have to re-advertise with Flat Fee Recruiters, and yes, that means having to pay again).

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