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How To Write An Admin CV

Write An Effective CV For Office Administrator Roles

Leigh Gillatt  •  Careers Advice

How To Write An Admin CV

There is always demand for skilled office administrators in the UK, as employers seek talented candidates to form the backbone of their business functions. Employers understand the value good quality experienced admin professionals can add to their office teams, playing a large role in the growth of their businesses. If you are an office administrator who can demonstrate your expertise and potential through a CV, our experience as an Office Admin Recruitment Agency, suggests that you will have the opportunity to secure new roles and climb the career ladder with ease.

The days of the typical admin role have long been forgotten as new skills are ever increasingly sort after; primarily fuelled by advances in technology and software. As a result there is no longer a one-size fits all CV for admin roles, and as a job applicant in this field you will need to tailor your admin CV accordingly.

Whether you are applying for a role as an admin assistant, office manager, HR Administrator, Sales Administrator or customer service professional, there are certain rules to follow. You need to know how to write a CV and display your best qualities to the potential employer.

What to include in an Admin CV

There are a number of sections you need to include in an admin CV before applying for jobs, some seem obvious, but you would be shocked how many times at Diverse Employment we see some of them missed out.

  • Right at the top of the CV you need to provide your name and up-to-date contact details; how else is a potential employer going to contact you.
  • Next you should include a personal statement, where you summarise your main experiences, achievements and career aspirations, written with the job you are applying for in mind at all times. This section is the first that is read and so it is essential that you aim to write it in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd. An example of which could be:
  • A highly motivated and well organised administrative assistant with seven years’ experience in a variety of office based environments. Thrives on providing solid and essential back up to key positions and projects. A calm head and meticulous eye for detail ensures that all duties are carried out to the highest standards and in allotted time frames. Comfortable working as part of a team or independently with a focus on delivering quality administrative support on a continuous basis.
  • Next up, Work experience. This section should include all of your relevant work experience, listed with the most recent first. Include your job title, the name of the organisation, time in post, and your key responsibilities.
  • After your employment history, you should list any qualifications you hold - both professional and academic. Your educational experience and achievements should be listed along with dates, the type of qualification and/or the grade you achieved. If you have more educational achievements than work experience, placing an emphasis on this section is a good idea.
  • Next, you should include a section on your skills - both technical skills, such as typing speed and shorthand, and soft skills, such as communication. Show employers that you can handle large amounts of paperwork and data, handle petty cash, and expenses, as well as being able to communicate clearly with work colleagues using emails etc. Where possible, provide examples of how these attributes have allowed you to add value in previous jobs.
  • We would advise that you leave hobbies off admin CV's unless you think that they are really relevant to the role you are applying for, and for references, simply leave it as 'available upon request.'

Don't Forget The In-demand Skills

Remembering to include certain skills and experiences on your CV may help you win that new admin role. As technology becomes more important in business, we've found that employers are looking for office support professionals who are comfortable using the MS Office software package, and have outstanding Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint skills. Knowledge of accounting software such as Sage or Quickbooks is in very high demand, as business owners increasingly look to bring more and more of the bookkeeping processes in-house. The rise of social media also means those savvy with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google are also valued for these skills.

Employers are also constantly looking for candidates with strong written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills. Candidates who have NVQ vocational qualifications may also find themselves at an advantage also.

Finally, every job is different and tailoring your CV accordingly is vital to standing out. Edit it in line with the job description whenever you make an application, and you’ll be able to ensure it matches the specifications every time.

Highlight that you’re the right match for the job by outlining:

  • The specific skills you have to offer the employer
  • The work and educational experience you have in their field
  • Relevant accomplishments and achievements
  • Personal qualities that will make you right for the role

Follow this link if you would like to look at an example Admin CV to size yours up against it

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