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Job Description Template

How To Write A Job Description

Leigh Gillatt  •  Recruitment Articles

Job Description Template

So What Is A Job Description?

A job description is a document created by an employer that clearly states the essential candidate requirements, an outline of the main duties, job responsibilities, and skills required to perform a specific job role.

It usually also includes the job title and to who the person holding that position will have to report to.

Our gradually growing job description directory contains job description examples covering popular roles.

We have examples of job descriptions you can quickly get a great overview on what may be included in your own Job specifications, and then modify them to suit your unique business requirements.

The majority of the examples we cover are for roles Diverse Employment regularly recruit for or have a specialism in. Starting with one of these example job descriptions will make sure you do not miss any of the key requirements for a role, giving candidates a better understanding of whats involved in the role.

For example you may have a job for a welder on offer, in a time when there is an ongoing driver shortage in the UK, not writing the best possible job description for your role can be the difference between filling the role and not.

How Do You Write a Job Description?

We often get asked this when working with client's and using our knowledge through working in multiple industry sectors, write job role descriptions as part of our valued recruitment services to our client's.

Essentially we believe the best way to write a job description is to include the following:

  1. The Official Job Title

  2. A summary of the role in the open paragraph

  3. Detailed Job Responsibilities / Duties

  4. Details of to whom the employee will report to, and details of anyone reporting to the employee if management responsibilities are part of the role.

  5. Details of essential skill requirements and qualifications.

  6. An indication of salary range, commission, bonuses, and other benefits, where applicable.

  7. Any Special Requirements. The description should inform if, for example, the job involves heavy lifting or exposure to extreme temperatures, extensive travel and prolonged standing.

  8. Goals and objectives. The description may also include goals that the employee should aim for in the future. (Optional)

Why Do You Need a Job Description?

A well written job description is often the only document that totally defines what a role is, what skills are required to perform it, and where the role fits in an business.

This makes it simple to identify candidates that are a good fit for the role and also to hold candidates accountable if they are not performing essential duties that are required within the role.

Tips on how to write a professional job description

Make sure the title of the job position and description match. Do your research. If you're not familiar with the job, talk to someone who is and have them help with the description.

Make sure it clearly defines the goals of the position and a timeline for reaching them.

We believe that,

"If you want to hire the right person, you need a crystal-clear picture of the type of employee you're looking for."
"Your job description has to go beyond just experience and education to include work and character traits that can impact a person's ability to thrive in your organisation."

Do you have a Job Description Template I can use?

Yes we do! Check out our job description template below which is free to download. With our example job descriptions and job description template to hand, you should have everything you need to model your own description on.