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Job Search Motivation

5 Top Tips To Stay Motivated

Leigh Gillatt  •  Careers Advice

Job Search Motivation


For many, if not all at some point in their lives, searching for a new job can be difficult. Aside from the fact it can be very time consuming and tiring, if you find yourself repeatedly unsuccessful in application and interviews, it can also be a major source of frustration!

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While you certainly need to keep the momentum of your job hunting up, you also need to stay positive and motivated!

We’ve put together a handy go to list of our top tips to help you stay motivated until you reach your job search goal.

1. Ask For Constructive Criticism

There’s a very slim chance that you’re going to get everything right, but it’s even more difficult if you take it all on yourself; come on you must have heard the phrase, "two heads are better than one".

Now we don’t mean that you should take someone else along with you to interviews to help you answer the questions put to you, no, we mean try showing your CV, job applications and covering letters to those supporting you in your job search.

Whether that turns out to be friends, family, a mentor or your recruitment consultant it doesn’t matter, ask for their thoughts and advice on your current job application materials.

They may spot simple mistakes such as spelling errors or inconsistencies and may have tips on how you can do better next time. If they do raise critiques, take them on board positively; they could be the key to a successful application in the future.

For example a classic issue I have seen a lot of candidates make is to use the same CV for every single job they apply for. Now granted you want to have a well-constructed template CV, but beyond that you should tailor it to each of the jobs you apply for so as to highlight the most relevant skills and information suited to that role.

If you need help with your current CV use the button below to go to our most comprehensive guide on how to write a CV:

2. Know Your Career Goals & Write Them Down

Writing things down on paper is a great way to not only remember those thoughts and ideas, but when we’re talking about what you hope to achieve in your career, it can be a very effective way of keeping yourself motivated to reach those targets you set yourself on attaining.

It can give you a clear idea of what you want to achieve and allow you the chance to map out a path of how you’re going to get there. Set a timeline of when you hope to reach your targets and consider how you can move between each of the roles. It may also help you spot any gaps in your mapped out career path allowing you to fill them in ahead of time.

3. Treat Yourself

All work and no play is not only no way to live it also not a great strategy for job hunting.

Be sure you give yourself treats and rewards for your efforts. They don’t need to be expensive or extravagant; if you’ve been exploring job vacancy listings for hours on your computer or have been poring over job application after job application, a simple walk around the block can be a good way to refresh your mind and carry on if there’s plenty more to go at.

Continuing to crank out the job applications has the potential to have a negative impact. You can easily make mistakes in your covering letter or spelling errors in your application email. This may put off prospective employers and you won’t be doing yourself any favours applying for a dream job with a brain in fog mode!

Do you have a favourite series on E4? Try limiting yourself to watching an episode only after you have met the targeted number of applications you’ve set yourself for the day. Or simply give yourself an 90 mins break to hit the gym, meet friends, and get some exercise in. Little treats can go a long way when you need to motivate yourself.

4. It’s A Numbers Game

Try and set yourself some immediate goals that will help you get into your next role. You could target several applications to send off each week or give yourself a set amount of time to spend on job hunting each day.

By putting objectives in place, you can ensure you are doing all you can to secure a new position without it taking over your life. And of course, goals are there to be beaten. If you find yourself on a roll some days, keep going until you want to stop. Check out these great tips to see how you could save time in reaching your goal.

5. Remind Yourself Of ‘Why’

Don’t forget what you’re looking for and the reasons why. In our busy world full of distractions and diversions, it’s easy to get swayed off course. By reminding yourself of your personal drivers, you’ll instantly feel more motivated to reach your goals.

Following these 5 tips should help you to stay motivated when you're going through a prolonged period of job hunting.


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