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Jobs In Hull

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Jobs In Hull

Most Popular Job Vacancies Listed In Hull

Looking To Find A Job In Hull ?

Kingston-Upon-Hull, usually known as just Hull, is a city in East Yorkshire (sometimes known as East Riding Of Yorkshire) and is home to one of the UK's largest Seaports; a major contributor to jobs in Hull, which handles 13 million tonnes of cargo per year. This seaport was originally situated in Hull due to the whaling industry, which progressively moved towards sea-fishing, which was a major employer in the city until its decline in the 1970's. However, more recently Hull Docks are now predominately involved with freight handling.

Ferry services running between the UK and Europe are also available from the port, which has allowed Hull to exploit its historical marina as a tourist attraction. This of course has provided a diverse range of jobs within the area such as Driving jobs in Hull for the distribution of frozen goods and sea food etc produced locally, warehousing work, and of course multiple FLT Driving Opportunities.

Industry in the city is focused on the chemical and health care sectors. Several well-known British companies, including BP, and Reckitt Benckiser, have facilities in Hull, which in turn have provided many Industrial Jobs, and Food Manufacturing Jobs in the area. Siemens have also created a large number of jobs in the area for their wind turbines production facility.

With a regular supply of new full and part time jobs in Hull, Diverse Employment are your best option when you're looking to answer the question; "Where Can I Find Jobs Near Me?".

Which Are The Most Popular Jobs In Hull?

  1. Construction Jobs
    Thanks to increased investment within Hull since the early 2000s, Hull has plenty of construction projects and firms looking for general and specialised workers in a variety of construction and building trades jobs fields.
  2. Driving Jobs
    Where there's FMCG there are logistics and supply chain jobs. Hull boasts some great opportunities for driving jobs within this sector.
  3. Manufacturing Jobs
    High-tech engineering roles, positions with packaging companies, even manufacturing jobs in breweries are available in Hull.

What Is The Average Salary In Hull?

The average Permanent Job salary in Hull currently is approximately

£25,000 per year.

Please note that all salary figures are approximations based upon third party submissions to Diverse Employment

How Can I Find Jobs In Hull With No Experience?

  1. Consider taking a part-time job in Hull - Even if you can’t land a job in your desired field, take on a part-time job. Employers will often put some weight onto any form of work experience, even your first part-time job.
  2. List all of your skills - Employers in Hull place emphasis on work experience because they're checking that you've developed the skills necessary to complete the job, listing your skills will highlight you have to skills despite not having work experience.

Can you help me find full-time and part time jobs in Hull?

To give you the best possible chance of being successful in your application, Diverse Employment offers applicants a range of candidate resources to help you through the application process. From helping you find the right career path, to providing tips on how to prepare fully for an interview, Diverse Employment is here to help you succeed. Apply online today!

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