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Our New Scunthorpe Branch Manager

An Interview with Emma Filer

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Our New Scunthorpe Branch Manager


An Interview With Emma Filer

Diverse Employment, Welcome's our newest team member and Scunthorpe Branch Manager, Emma Filer. Although Emma hasn’t been with us that long, we thought it was high time to get an interview with her up on our website!

Here's what she had to say to our Digital Marketing Manager, Leigh Gillatt. Enjoy…

Leigh: Welcome Emma, I hear you're settling in really well into your new role with Diverse Employment. Lindsay Macpherson (Group Managing Director) has been telling me how excited she is to have you on board as the branch manager at our Scunthorpe branch, and that she’s looking forward to working with you!

I'd just like to ask you a few questions so our readers can learn a little more about you.

What has been the best thing that’s happened for you so far in 2019?

Emma: I’ve turned 40!!! I’m going to Australia to visit family 😊 and obviously I’ve taken on a new and exciting challenge professionally.

Leigh: Why did you choose to join Diverse Employment?

Emma: I think one of the main reasons for joining Diverse Employment was the fresh career challenge it offers me and I totally support Lindsay’s vision for the company and changes needed within the recruitment industry. I am really excited about helping her and the team to achieve that vision.

The opportunity to be the branch manager at Scunthorpe will allow me to further develop the members of the team and assist them in achieving their own career goals and aspirations, whilst upholding the strong relationships and reputation the branch has with its clients.

Leigh: Having left the property sector, what’s drawn you back into a career in recruitment?

Emma: Madness!! But in all seriousness, it’s the fast pace of it, I love the variety it offers and I really enjoy working within a high energy team, which is certainly what you have in a recruitment office. You just never seem to get two days that are the same in the recruitment industry, and that’s what keeps it interesting.

It’s also rewarding helping others find employment opportunities, some of which may never know about certain roles or may otherwise get overlooked by potential employers without the assistance we provide with CV writing and interview tips etc.

Leigh: What potential do you see for recruitment services, specifically in Lincolnshire & Yorkshire?

Emma: I think recruitment is becoming increasingly difficult and time consuming for companies due to obstacles such as skills shortages in the UK, and having to overcome the issues surrounding Brexit etc; requiring them to spend time on a multitude of organisational changes, which naturally in turn is costly, both financially and in time!

I believe that outsourcing the recruitment process to an external company (Diverse Employment) saves a business important resources and enables their team to do what they are paid to do much more efficiently; by saving precious time and money.

I do think as recruitment specialists we need to focus on quality and on understanding our clients requirements – we need businesses to feel like we’re an extension of their own business.

Leigh: What would be your top tip for anyone looking for work in the area currently?

Emma: Create a concise CV with your skills clearly bullet pointed, be flexible and available – and register with us!

Secondly, fast response in terms of communication is also critical - most recruitment consultants will have a very short time frame in which to fill a vacancy, particularly for temporary roles, therefore to give themselves the best option of obtaining work and to make the process fluent, I would advise all candidates to keep their eyes on their emails, phones and return documents i.e. registration docs as soon as possible.

Leigh: What are you looking forward to most over the next 6 months within your new position?

Emma: Developing new and existing relationships with businesses, and I also want to create a fun work environment where people feel happy, successful and valued within their roles.

Leigh: What’s your number one vice or guilty pleasure?

Emma: OMG where to start!! Guilty pleasure has to be watching and enjoying Made in Chelsea – it’s total nonsense but I love that I can just sit and stare at it without thinking! I have more than one vice but a top one has to be Crisps – I love them!

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Get Diverse Employment blog posts sent straight to your email inbox for free, and we promise never to share, trade, sell, deliver, reveal, publicise, or market your email address in any way, shape, or form.

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Leigh Gillatt

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