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Should You Stop Job Hunting Over Christmas?

Is Job Hunting During the Holiday Period a Waste of Time?

Leigh Gillatt  •  Careers Advice

Should You Stop Job Hunting Over Christmas?

This week I was in the Diverse Office, and we were asked by a candidate, "should you stop job hunting over Christmas?" The answer is a strong ‘no, never stop looking!’

Many, if not most, job seekers take the end of the year 'off' from their job hunting. There are a lot more fun things to do than job hunt, and it just 'feels like' no one is hiring over the holiday period. So, why not relax, and then hit the ground running in January or whenever the parties are over?

Besides the obvious lower levels of competition from other candidates at this time of year, there are many other reasons not to stop your job hunting, il share our top reasons with you below.

There’s less competition

Many candidates who are in between jobs stop searching for new positions over the Christmas period, and those with jobs who are thinking about making a change tend to wait until the New Year to take advantage of holiday leave and bonus payouts.

Which means less competition right now for any companies who are on the lookout for new members of staff. And that should translate into less competition for you and the jobs you want, even in normally highly competitive fields.

Happier People

Take advantage of the festive spirit. Everyone seems a little happier and friendlier during this time of year, so use that to your advantage when scheduling networking meetings for the New Year, most people will be more receptive to the idea of meeting you in the coming weeks.

Focus a touch more than usual no your networking activities at this time of year too, you may find that people are more willing to meet prior to breaks as work demands slow down, helping turn short discussions into long-term opportunities. Remember that all the Christmas parties will give you the opportunity to meet new people and expand your professional network. So keep an open mind (and ears) when attending events.

Get a head start on the New Year

Get a jump-start on January by leveraging your professional network so they understand exactly what you have to offer. Many companies review their staffing needs late December into early January, so be well prepared and create the opportunities for the right people to get to know you.

One key area to focus on here would be to make sure your Linkedin profile is up to date. Take the time to revamp your LinkedIn profile by making sure that you craft your summary so that it projects you into your desired direction. Use key words that will pop up in a LinkedIn search by recruiters or potential hiring managers.

Read my blog post on Linkedin Profile Tips for more useful advice on getting this right.

Avoid the January chaos

You can avoid the usual January chaos if you keep going and maintain momentum during the holiday season. The New Year is always full of reminders to start afresh, to think about a 'new career in the New Year', turn over a new leaf and set new career goals. If you keep up your job search efforts through the holiday period, you will inevitably be ahead of the game by the time your competition are sending their first applications.

In Conclusion

To stand out as a candidate, you must stay ahead of the game. Persistence and focus is key to landing job searching success. If you search in quieter seasons, it’s likely that you’ll have less competition!

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