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Switch To Recruitment Agency Labouring Work

Why You Should Consider It

Leigh Gillatt  •  Careers Advice

Switch To Recruitment Agency Labouring Work

Switch To Recruitment Agency Labouring Work

Are you looking for a new challenge in a different work environment?

If so then it may be time to consider making a move to an agency labouring job.

Agency or ‘temporary’ labouring work allows you to hit the ground running while your agency does the background work. It’s vital that you find the right agency, and that you have a great relationship with a consultant who has your best interests at heart.

But Why Should I Switch?


Temporary work gives you the chance to move positions if the role or management style isn’t right for you, allowing you to find the best personal fit. With this, it’s important to ensure your agency are offering you the right choices.

Here at Diverse Employment we have a large number of permanent roles on offer covering a number of different industry sectors, adding more flexibility to your career path.


It’s no secret that there is always a high demand for experienced general labourers, so it’s vital that your agency presents you with these vacancies.

Diverse Employment is the leading independent recruitment agency in North Lincolnshire, supplying everything from SMEs to large multi-national organisations right across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire – meaning we have the widest variety of opportunities in some of the best performing organisations in the country!


Another benefit of moving to temporary agency work is the guidance that is always at hand. Here at Diverse Employment we provide a personalised, bespoke service to all of our candidates.

You will be assigned a dedicated group of consultants from day one who, with their exceptional sector knowledge and experience, will endeavour to source excellent roles for you.

Our specialised compliance and payroll teams are at hand to ensure you get placed into roles quickly, and that you are paid accurately and on time!


There’s no doubt that the level of control in agency work is a massive benefit. With Diverse, you will be able to have open and honest conversations with your recruitment consultants about your expectations of workload, contract length, location and other factors that allow you to effectively mould your next role.

This freedom can improve your work-life balance and ensure that you are on the best possible path for personal and professional development!

Agency labourer work puts YOU in control of your career, which may seem daunting at first but will certainly pay off in the long run.

What does Bill, one of our general labourer workers have to say?

“Diverse have always been honest in respect of contracts and what to expect from certain local companies. Workloads and ethos have never been an issue, as I have been prepared with realistic expectations prior to engaging with the contracts.
My consultant is aware of my experience and what my interests are and always keeps me updated with relevant roles that may be of interest to me.
Diverse Employment's knowledge of up to date information regarding employment and the recruitment sector, such as duties within specific roles and changing regulations, has always been very helpful and if applicable to myself has been given in a timely manner.”

Are you thinking of switching to agency labouring work? Give us a call on 01724 846 906 and one of our consultants will be happy to help!