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The Only Way Is Ethics

Is Your Current Recruitment Agency Ethical?

Leigh Gillatt  •  Recruitment Articles

The Only Way Is Ethics

The recruitment industry as a whole has a pretty poor reputation, and many people over the years have experienced a bad level of service from a number of recruitment businesses throughout the country, predominately as a client but at times also as a candidate. For any business, it is particularly important to partner with a recruitment agency that offers an effective service, but, more importantly, an ethical one.

Why the bad reputation?

It’s long been a common perception that recruitment consultants are simply out to make a quick profit, and will do virtually anything to fill a role, regardless of the quality of the service and candidate selected to fill the roles.

Some common complaints we hear about other recruitment agencies here at Diverse Employment include:

  • The consultant I've been dealing with doesn't have any real knowledge of recruitment or experience of the industry we're in and they're supposed to be helping us recruit for.
  • The agency has been charging far too much considering the level of service they have been providing me.
  • As a candidate I felt I was pressured into taking the job but I wasn't sure it was right for me and I really didn't know enough about the role. It just felt as though they wanted to earn their commission as quickly as possible.
  • Why would I use an employment agency, they don’t listen to either their clients or their candidates.
  • One agency we'd partnered with put forward candidates without meeting them face to face, and without even getting their consent first!

So how do you make sure your agency provides a reliable service?

When you work with a supplier, it’s a good idea to assess the service they provide. At Diverse Employment, we work differently to most recruiters, providing an ethical recruitment approach, first set out by our Managing Director Lindsay Macpherson when the company was founded.

Recruitment is a costly business, attracting and retaining personnel is key to the success of any business. At Diverse Employment we recognise that ethical recruitment allows us as a recruitment agency to become trusted partners and to form long and meaningful relationships with our clients. This is absolutely key in a market place where, in the main, clients have choice as to what agencies to use.

We want to get rid of the "throwing mud at the wall and hoping it sticks" mentality within the industry by encouraging our client's to switch from using agencies with this approach to those with an ethical approach like ourselves.

What steps and processes do Diverse Employment take to ensure we operate ethically?

The first stage within our ethical plan is to be sure that recruitment we perform is made on the basis of merit, not recommendation and not purely personality. It is too easy to overlook the shortcomings of a candidate who comes across well at interview. As ethical recruiters we interview each and every candidate face to face, ensuring they are the best match for your roles based on a scoring system. Some recruiters will do anything to fill a role before their competitors, even if it means sending over a candidate’s CVs when they have not met (or occasionally even spoken to) the candidate in question.

The aim of this approach is to match client and candidate. It is important to give the client a fair and honest view of the candidate, and vice versa. What may seem to be a small matter for some recruiters with a target to reach can be a big issue for an individual or a client. For example, placing a driving candidate into a HGV role without checking for penalties on their driving licences such as a DR10. It may seem obvious, but it's the kind of thing that does happen when a recruiter is focusing more on simply filling a role than getting the best person.

Ethical Job Adverts?

In order to get the right candidate(s) for your role, we know it is crucial to make sure that the job adverts we use to recruit on your behalf are truthful and honest. There's no point promoting a job advert showing "great office location" if what you really mean is own transport required due to office location. Over selling a role at the expense of the truth serves neither the candidate nor the client well.

We Regularly Keep In Touch (but not too much)

It can feel like recruitment consultants constantly bombard you with telephone calls and emails, trying to get you to see candidates who just aren’t right for your company. But when something goes wrong or you’ve got a question, suddenly you can’t get hold of them. This is frustrating from a candidate's point of view also, when they are left just not knowing what’s going on.

Here at Diverse Employment, each and every one of our recruitment consultants and resourcers are trained in keeping both our clients and candidates updated throughout the recruitment process. We know that candidates kept hanging in the dark can often simply go elsewhere, so we are constantly in touch with them so any potential issues can be tackled before, not after, an offer is made. Not only that but once we have successfully placed a candidate, we don’t just forget about them, we also follow up on their progress with both the employer and the now 'employee' to make sure they are settling in on their journey to adding value to your business.

Industry Sector Reputation

One of the best ways to judge the service a supplier provides is to ask other people within the same industry sector who have used them previously what they think. At Diverse Employment we are proud of the reputation we have within the industry sectors we work on behalf of, and we encourage you to discuss our service levels with others that have used our services previously. We constantly receive testimonials from both our candidates and our clients, and have a number of online reviews describing the high level of service we provide.

Recruitment Is A Profession

Recruitment has come of age, it is no longer a case of "bums on seats" it's about upholding the ethics within the profession with careful, considered selection and placement. Ethical recruitment doesn't come cheap, but as a long-term investment, as staff should be, it reaps rewards for recruiter, candidate and client... Is it time you switched from your current recruitment partner?

Open to Coffee & A Discussion?

If you are considering making the switch to an ethical recruitment partner, but want to learn more, lets meet for a coffee and an informal discussion... contact our team.