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A Guide to Using Temporary Recruitment Agency Services

Taking On Temps

Leigh Gillatt  •  Recruitment Articles

A Guide to Using Temporary Recruitment Agency Services

In business today, especially under the current economic climate, there is a need to work smarter and perform more efficiently and effectively with a real focus on working on the right activities to achieve the desired business outcomes.

No matter the size of the organisation, accounting for every penny spent is essential for those Manager's responsible for delivering results on set targets for organisational performance, where at department level or the company as a whole.

Human resources activities are both essential but expensive; in many cases forming the largest overhead within an organisation. As a result many businesses are taking advantage of the considerable benefits of using Temporary Agency Workers.

Temporary Agency Workers represent a significant percentage of today's working population within the UK, in fact the number of temporary workers in the UK as of March 2020 was reported by the Office of National Statistics to be almost 1.5M, and they are predicting that due to the coronavirus crisis, this number will increase by up to 20% to 1.8M. Many businesses have already learned that there are advantages in the areas of cost, flexibility, performance and management, to utilising temporary employees.

Cost Reduction Advantages

  • Employment administration costs.
  • Temporary workers are by definition a temporary solution and do not require a fixed annual salary or some of the costs associated with a permanent employee.
  • Shorter hiring process - The process for hiring temporary workers is traditionally a lot quicker. This is because you should be hiring for technical skills to deliver something specific rather than long-term cultural fit.
  • Possible reduction in training and development costs – hire those that have the skills already.
  • Pay for staff on an adhoc basis to suit own business’ fluctuating requirements.


  • Beef up or cut back on your staffing levels dependant on demand.
  • Contractor hiring process significantly faster the permanent hiring
  • Easy to terminate or extend temp worker’s services

Performance & Fit

  • You can try before you buy in that if performance is not satisfactory you can take remedial action quickly
  • You can evaluate a temp worker’s performance and team/cultural fit with very little risk
  • You have an opportunity to evaluate the Temporary Worker against a permanent role if applicable


  • HR support from the Recruitment Agency
  • Problems resolution is performed by the Recruitment Agency

Temporary Agency Workers are a genuine business solution and can work exceptionally well, but as with a lot of human resources functions, there is the potential for it to go horribly wrong, with significant consequences that could cost your organisation time, money, embarrassment and your personal reputation as a hiring decision maker. However, steps can be taken to eliminate that risk, in the form of a robust process for hiring temporary staff.

1. Preparation

Before you take on a Temporary Worker, it’s important that you understand the job role’s requirements and the specialist skills, knowledge and experience that an individual needs to have to help you to achieve the best results. Consider whether you want a specialist in a specific area or someone who has wider experience and can help you to work through any complexities that may come up as part of the role.

2. Research

Utilise your local network and connections for recommendations on which recruitment agency to use, approach other people in your business and use the internet. Don’t necessarily rely on big name national providers. Smaller local providers, with two or three branches, can deliver for you and are often more invested in your success going the extra mile and offering better ROI.

3. The Temporary Recruitment Agency

Does the Temporary Recruitment Agency listen and hear you? Can they understand and evaluate the job or projects you describe? Or do they appear to shape your needs into the thinking they have brought with them?

How does the Temporary Recruitment Agency respond to your description of the job role? Are they simply repeating what you say, or are they asking questions regarding your needs to help you both understand what you want to achieve as your desired outcomes?

A good Temporary Recruitment Agency will have a range of tools and techniques at their disposal and should be able to describe a process from where you are now to where you want to be. This will reassure you that they understand what needs to be done. You should feel that the Temporary Recruitment Agency has added real value even before you choose to work with them.

4. Proven Record

You need evidence that the Temporary Recruitment Agency has achieved results elsewhere. They should be willing to share previous successes with you, indicating their level of competence, but it will also inform you about the importance they place on measures of success and delivering results rather than simply going through the motions of the recruitment process.

5. A Good Fit

New faces around your office or factory can sometimes make people feel uneasy. Ensure that your team are clear about what the Temporary Agency Worker is doing and if necessary, how this affects them. There could be occasions when complete and open communication might not be appropriate, but you should always consider the impact an outsider may have on morale.

6. Fresh perspectives

Sometimes it just takes one outsider to completely change the way an organisation operates. The more temps you hire, the more unique perspectives you’re going to get.

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