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Video Interview Tips

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Leigh Gillatt  •  Recruitment Articles

Video Interview Tips


The Coronavirus pandemic has caused an severe and certainly unexpected disruption for businesses not only here in the UK, but right across the globe. Compounding the issue, no one truly knows how long current restriction and social distancing will last.

While some companies right from the outset decided to put a freeze on hiring until things get back to normal, others have still been actively recruiting people throughout. In fact here at Diverse Employment, we have been recruiting for clients in sectors like digital marketing, food processing, manufacturing, and of course logistics, along with the obvious ones like healthcare, pharma and biotech there are certainly a few sectors we can already see are set to experience a recruitment boom.

However, what’s also become very clear is that things are not going to be the same with traditional elements of the hiring process, particularly with work from home and social distancing currently being a norm.

Thankfully, digital technology has come to the aid of businesses and recruiters alike, with digital and remote recruitment processes fast becoming the next big thing throughout the HR sector.

There will be challenges for both candidates and recruiters having to adopt this new recruitment format but we are all going to have to accept and adapt to these changes as they’re going to be the norm.

So, here are some remote interviewing tips that can help employers adapt to these changing recruitment processes, and how to efficiently achieve results:

How's That Digital Technology Looking?

Just as candidates and interviewees are having to do, employers and interviewers will also need to make sure that both their digital technology is in working order prior to an interview.

Check you have a good and stable internet connection, and launch your video conferencing app of choice to make sure it is working correctly. Log in ahead of your interviews to figure out if you’ll encounter any password issues or other concerns you may not have anticipated.

Do Some Prep Work Beforehand

Ahead of the interview revisit the candidate’s CV to refresh your memory as to why they were as to interview as part of your selection process. Be prepared with a set of questions that both meet your selection processes requirements and that are tailored to an individual candidate should you need to query anything you’ve noticed on their CV; this will save time in the interview and allow it to flow.

Reading Body Language - A New Issue

Being able to read a candidate’s body language will be more difficult during video interviews, but if you’re having to resort to a telephone interview the likes of non-verbal responses will be impossible to pick up on.

So, try to put a strategy in place to enable you to assess candidates correctly no matter which format you have to opt for.

We're All New To This

Candidates are likely to be as uncomfortable as you are, particularly if they’re unfamiliar with using these new forms of technology. Go the extra mile to make them comfortable. Reassure them that you value their time and efforts.

Video Interview Etiquette

Make sure you give your interviewees enough time to complete their responses by ensuring you pause long enough between questions. You’ll need to learn to be able to do this intuitively in the absence of the usual social prompts.

Highlight Company values

Since candidates won’t be able to learn anything by visiting the workplace in person, be sure to highlight your company’s values and ethos so that they can develop a strong understanding on how they’re likely to fit into your company’s culture, and to whether or not it’s the right fit for them.

Video interviews are going to be around for quite some time ahead and have adopted by businesses and recruiters very quickly because of the current situation we’re all in, so learn to adapt, be prepared, and find ways to make them as effective as you possible can. We hope these tips help you make them a success.

... And Remember, " SMILE YOU'RE ON CAMERA 📷 "