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What You Shouldn’t Put On Your CV

A Recruiters Guide

Leigh Gillatt  •  Careers Advice

What You Shouldn’t Put On Your CV

Curriculum vitaes are the first things a potential employer will see from you. The CV is a gateway to getting that all important interview, and one step closer to getting the job. But what should you avoid on your CV that could leave you missing out?

Bad Spelling and Grammar

Even if the role doesn’t require writing as a key skill, poor writing shows a lack of care. Don’t rely on Microsoft Word to point out your mistakes, get someone else to look over your CV.

Highlighting Duties Instead of Achievements

Rather than focusing on what you actually did in your previous roles, show what you achieved there and some of the skills you developed. A job title is enough to show an employer roughly what you did, but it doesn’t show what you learnt in your time there.

Two Pages are Enough

Two pages of A4 are enough for a potential employer to assess your worth prior to an interview. When an employer has to look through possibly hundreds of CVs, they’re not going to trawl through yours if it’s overly-cumbersome.

Leaving out Information

Whether it’s through choice or forgetfulness, some people leave previous jobs off their CV; resulting in a gap in their employment history. Even if you were a stay-at-home parent for a while, include it. If a potential employer has to guess how you were spending your time during your employment gaps, they’ll likely suspect the worst.

Incorrect Personal Details

Are you not getting calls or emails, despite having sent out CVs countless times? Maybe your details are wrong. Check your “.com” isn’t a “.co.uk” and vice versa. Check your phone number has eleven digits. It’s seems an odd mistake to make, but it happens often.