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Why Temp Jobs?

Temping A Stepping Stone To A Great Career

Leigh Gillatt  •  Careers Advice

Why Temp Jobs?

For many people, searching for a job means strictly considering full-time, permanent positions. Yet taking a temporary job can offer many benefits - both short and long-term.

Many job seekers have a bias against temporary jobs and often express some common concerns, including the perception that temp jobs have a lack of stability, limit the ability to hunt for permanent work, and keep you in constant job search mode.

Yet, while we continue to see growth in new jobs, companies are remaining cautious due to the uncertainty Brexit is presenting and temp jobs have started to overtake permanent roles in terms of popularity;

"So instead of looking at a temporary work as a last resort, you should really be altering your mindset and focusing on the benefits of temping."

If you’re struggling to find a permanent job or don’t want to tie yourself down to one role for a long period of time, with positions ranging from 1 day to 1 year temping can offer you a stepping stone between your career moves, or as an opening to your next challenge.

Benefits of Temping Work

1. Improving your CV

Different companies use different systems to get the job done, even if they’re doing the same work. For example, IT support engineer jobs have hundreds of different computer programmes to contend with, engineering jobs, such as mechanical fitter roles, can vary greatly upon which types of machinery / plant / vehicles you work on, B2B & B2C sales jobs utilise different databases and CRM software and even have different ways of dealing with customers.

By spending time temping across various roles you can learn new skills and see how different companies operate, making you far more employable and really enriching your CV.

2. Quicker hiring process

There is often a sense of urgency when hiring for a temporary position. Employers need someone to fill the position quickly.

The speed of the hiring process can be to your advantage. In some cases, candidates who wouldn’t be considered for a permanent role without the required experience can land a temp position.

3. A foot in the door

As is natural, candidates will find that some jobs are far more competitive than others. For example we find that our admin jobs on average gain at least 62 applicants per role advertised, closely followed by warehouse operative jobs.

So if you’re looking to break into these competitive industries then a temporary job could be a very important foot in the door.

Do temp jobs lead to permanent?

Not only that but a temporary job with the right company at the right time, could, and often does, lead to it being converted into a permanent position.

4. Flexibility Reigns King

Temporary work typically offers more flexibility than a permanent position. You can do your job well, and then go home.

Recent reports have shown that more UK workers than ever before are suffering with work-related stress ; Temp work allows you to take more time out for yourself, when ‘you’ chose to.

5. Needing a new direction?

A temporary position can also serve as a step in a new direction. Perhaps you’ve got to a stage in life where you’re thinking of a career change? Or are you a graduate or school leaver undecided which career path to take? A temporary job can answer some important questions before you fully take the plunge.

6. Do Temp Jobs Pay More?

Need some extra cash for the summer to pay for your beach holiday? If so, temp jobs are a great way to make money fast.

In many cases, temporary agency workers get paid more overall than their permanent co-workers. Working in a temporary job can lessen the financial burden of being out of work and having this monetary security may allow you to be more selective in your job search and not feel as pressured to take the first permanent position that comes along.

Types of Temporary Jobs

Fixed-Term Contracts

Fixed-term contracts last for a specific amount of time, which has been set and agreed in advance.

In some instances, fixed-term contracts may not include an exact time-frame, but will instead end when a specific task has been completed or fulfilled.

Fixed-term employees enjoy all of the same rights and benefits as with any other permanent contract, although factors such as holiday entitlement will depend on contract length.

Depending on the role, and an individual’s performance, fixed-term contacts can sometimes lead to longer term positions.

Temporary Jobs

Similar to fixed-term, temporary contracts are offered when a contract is not expected to become permanent.

Usually they would have some form of end date included, however, these may be subject to change. As such, temporary workers may have their contracts extended in line with demand and availability.

Despite their short-term status, temporary workers are entitled to the same rights as any other member of staff. Benefits of temporary contracts include increased flexibility, the ability to manage work around study or other interests, and building experience within a specific sector.

Temp to Perm Jobs

A temp to perm job is a job that starts out as a temporary job but turns into a permanent position.

The employee could be hired with the possibility of a temporary assignment turning into a permanent job. Or, at some point during the assignment, the company may decide they would like the employee to stay on and offers him or her a permanent position.

Choosing a Temp Agency

Well… we’re biased, as backed up by our Google reviews and candidate testimonials, Diverse Employment should be your primary choice when considering which temp agency to work with. If you’re looking for temporary jobs in Scunthorpe, for example, why not give our Scunthorpe branch a call.